a digital pixelated glitchy gif or a black and white drawn image of an artists face wearing glasses with littel hair and blinking

Patrick Hase

Patrick Hase is a digital media artist and creative practice researcher whose focus is exploring the cultural and emotional impacts of extending ourselves through digital processes. His recent projects have used a mix of custom digital interfaces, experimental web design and collaborative a/v systems to create playful non-mimetic experiences across a range of offline and online spaces.

a person with glasses and with an earring looking sideways to surrounded by trees

Anuraag Bhatia

Anuraag Bhatia is an curator, artist, and DJ working in sound and community contexts. They have been Creative Director of Melbourne-based multi-art event series Cool Room since 2015, and their work builds community resilience and knowledge-sharing through curation and platform development, and explores the possibilities of digital tools to shape and modulate attention.


Commissioned Artists

Person with shoulder-length hair wearing a billowing backless white blouse stands with their arms crossed in front of a shadowy wall. They are facing the side, revealing the henna on their face and dangling earrings.

Aarti Jadu

Aarti Jadu is a multidisciplinary sound artist. ​She began her sound journey in the context of devotional music originating from India. Being a first-generation Australian artist, Aarti’s practice naturally bridges diverse ideologies for the survival of her own integrity. She fervently explores voice through electronics to greater understand energy and its potential in relationship. Her recent work in trauma-informed voice workshops and somatics, along with years of study in yoga and raga music, forged a path to collaborate with neurologists to communicate and discuss matters of human experience, philosophy and science.

Person with short curly red hair and green shirt laughing in front of a mic at the Triple R radio station studio.

Bec Fary

Bec Fary is a white (Irish and English descended, with five generations of settler-coloniser family history on this continent) creative audio producer and practice-based researcher living and working on stolen Woi Wurrung and Boonwurrung land in so-called Footscray, Australia. Through acoustic entanglements of human and more-than-human soundings, Bec hopes to unfold complex interrelations between a recordist and a place, and their human and non-human neighbours.

Person with short brown hair wearing a red sweater vest gazes off camera as they sit in front of a rustic window and hanging fabrics.

E Fishpool

E Fishpool is a Yuin artist based across Budawang and Walbanja Country. Their work maps processes of unlearning and (re)learning identity through sampling sound, dialect and field recordings.

Person with bright red-orange fringe squatting in a field of weeds sprouting yellow flowers. They wear a long-sleeved black outfit accented with light blue vest and matching fingerless gloves.

Hei Zhi Ma 黑芝麻

黑芝麻 (they/she) is an experimental sound artist based on unceded Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country. Through djing and production, 黑芝麻 explores cultural identity and belonging, sensuality and queer love. To them, music is about community, sharing, and collaboration. Their cross-genre mixes and production merge experimental ambient, techno, and breaks with found sounds.

Lo-fi image of a tangled white feather and single strand of hair on top of stained white linen.

j. – DJ

J (picnic, etc.) is a dj, musician and founder of the record label and publishing platform daisart.

Person with short black hair and thick beard wears a black jacket and silver chain as they lean against a street pole in front of blurred storefronts.

Mohamed Chamas

Mohamed Chamas is an artist, game developer and poet based in Naarm (melbourne) who channels the ‘dijital djinni’; a rewiring agent for practice-based research. Chamas’ work evokes ancient mysticism to fuse and synergize with emerging technologies. This diffractively interfaces with religious studies, ludology, and critical theory.

Laptop screen opened to a zoomed-in image of a sultry face with black hair, pink eyeshadow and lip gloss. The laptop is in a neon blue and pink bedroom, its screen held by hands in white satin gloves.

Panda Wong

Panda Wong is a poet, editor and washed up retail superstar working and living on stolen Wurundjeri country. With a focus on collaboration, her practice centres around grief and how it’s performed in virtual/meatspace.

Selfie of person with short dark fringe and black hoodie in front of a parked car advertising “Sea School marine training”.

Sam Miers

SAM MIERS is a newcomer artist born and based in Batemans Bay, Yuin Country. His work focuses on local practices of dialogic health. Sam is dedicated to a life in Batemans Bay working with Yuin and newcomers on song series and ceremony.

A black and white image of a person sitting in a backyard, surrounded by foliage. They have medium length dark hair and wear an oversized cardigan with gumboots.

Tahlia Palmer

Tahlia Palmer is an interdisciplinary artist of Yuwaalaraay/Koamu and European descent who lives in Narrm / Melbourne. Her amby downs musical project explores history, identity and connection to Country through layers of distorted noise, cavernous reverberations and field recordings.

Acknowledgement of Country
Arts House, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Taipei Performing Arts Center, and Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands we work on, the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung, Dharawal, and Ketagalan peoples. We extend our respects to their Elders past, present and future while respecting the vast Traditional Owners Nations our digital platforms reach. We extend this acknowledgment to Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, and Austronesian artists, audiences and communities, and First Nations peoples globally.
墨爾本藝術之家、坎貝爾敦藝術中心、臺北表演藝術中心及台北當代藝術館向我們土地上的第一民族暨傳統所有人致上敬意,包括烏倫杰里族(Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung)、塔爾瓦斯族(Dharawal)、凱達格蘭族(Ketagalan)及其眾支系。因著BLEED數位介面所將廣泛觸及的各種傳統民族與土地, 我們尊榮各地過去、現在及未來的祖先與耆老。我們更將這份對台灣與澳洲原住民族、托雷斯海峽群島民族及南島民族的藝術家、觀眾與社群的致意延展至全球各傳統領地與第一民族。