Cloudy Ku

Portrait of a woman looking away, at a DJ table performing a set. She is wearing a white tshirt and has her hair in a ponytail

Cloudy Ku is a Taiwan-born, Australia-based DJ, Musician and label head of HER 他 & SPEED速度. A breathtaking catalyst in the electronic music scene, her DJ sets bring her sublime soundscapes to the underground music scenes throughout Asia and Australia. As a DJ, she fuses her vast love of techno, trance and experimental music into her own unique Gabber blend. Ku also hosts a fortnightly radio programme on Hong Kong Community Radio. Now based in Naarm / Melbourne, Ku is inspired by a different culture and a luscious electronic music scene, continuing the momentum that has earned her the attention of both music fans and international labels alike. Through her work with HER 他, Ku strives to promote equality in the community for local and international artists through discourse and dance parties, exploring issues of women and gender equality while supporting all who contribute to the music and art communities.

Acknowledgement of Country
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